History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our Legacy

Our funeral home's service to our communities here in Saunders County began back in 1907. Traditions have changed in many ways during the past centruy, and so has our funeral home. We recognize that, as funeral service professionals, every day that we come to work we have the opportunity to make important diffences in people's lives. And that shows in our philosophy and approach to serving you. Our staff members are not mere "order takers", counting on you to lead the way during an emotional time. Instead, we have plenty of specialized training and experience, as well as the creativity necessary to arrange and conduct exceptional funeral and memorial services.
What do we do that is so special?
     We strive to learn as much about your loved one as possible by asking the right questions and listening carefully during the Planning Session.
     We constantly look for new ways to capture the life legacy and unique personality of each person whose services we arrange and conduct.
     We work together with you on service themes and extra touches.
What does this mean for you?
     Simply stated, we do whatever is necessary to turn great ideas for remembering your loved one into a hassle-free reality for you and you family.


Our Valued Staff

Greg  Nabity

Greg Nabity

You know, I learned early that if you want to be the best at something, you can't worry about the time or trouble, or even the cost. We do things differently than most other funeral homes and we do them with great pride and passion. We think it shows in the quality and value of our funeral and cremation tributes.
Anyone whom we have served will tell you that when we meet with you and your family, we don't view it as a sales opportunity. Our goal is to help you create a fitting, memorable and affordable service for your loved one. We give you the choice of a wide variety of services and products, as well as a wealth of creative ideas and suggestions. Together, we design a funeral or memorial service that meets your current and future needs. Families who come to us know that we cradle and nurture them through the first difficult days. They also know that years from now they will have a deep peace-of-mind because, in coming to us, they've done their best to honor their loved one.
That's why growing numbers of people recognize us as the Funeral Home of Choice for First Class Funerals and Creative Cremations.

When I was 14 years old, my grandfather died. He was a farmer, and was a stocky, strong, hard-working man. The cancer that afflicted him left his body thin and frail. I visited him in the hospital a few weeks before he died. He looked pale and sickly, totally unlike the grandfather I had always known. That day was the only time in my life that my grandpa shook my hand. I can still feel that massive hand in mine. A hand vastly out of proportion to the bony figure sitting in the chair before me, no longer able to rise or stand without help. I was unaccustomed to seeing my grandfather helpless and dying, and those moments spent with him in the nursing home wing of the old St. Francis Hospital imprinted in my mind a memory as poignant today as it was that spring day in 1972.
I stood for long moments in front of his casket at the funeral home peering at the familiar figure lying peacefully within. His face full, his complexion its usual ruddiness, his anguished expression replaced by a peacefulness that comforted me and intrigued me all at once. This was not the pathetic creature that cancer had made, the one I had encountered just days before. Though lifeless, this was the grandfather I had always known. The one I remember walking with through the apple orchard on the farm, the one who never missed All-star Wrestling on TV every Saturday evening, the one who taught me to whittle. They had done it. They had given me back my grandpa!! The funeral directors also supported my grandmother, guiding her and her family through those difficult days with quiet gentleness and respect.
So affected was I by this experience that I knew unmistakably why God had placed me in this life. Here was a boy of 14 whose destiny was clearly known to him. A boy who did not question why he had been chosen to fill this role in life but, rather, a boy who embraced it as a sacred calling. Now it is nearly four decades later, and the respect I have for this work, and the gratitude I have for God choosing me for such an important ministry is still as strong as it was the day I rode in the front seat of that hearse. The one which bore my grandfather’s body to its final resting place in the Central City Cemetery.
Being a funeral director is a sacred trust which I do not take lightly. I work hard every day to help families to create beautiful memories of the special people in their lives, like my grandpa was in mine. I do this work because I love it. The work energizes me and satisfies something deep within me which understands that a family's love is forever.

Kenneth J. Houfek

Kenneth J. Houfek, Advance Planning Specialist and Cemetery Monument Designer

Ken is a Wahoo native who understands what you want when it comes time to memorialize yourself or a loved one, either through a cemetery monument, or a well-planned funeral or memorial service. He is not like the other guys who simply want a commission from the "sale". He will sit down with you and spend as much time as it takes to help you design a truly unique, and one of a kind, memorial crafted especially to your individual specifications. Call Ken, anytime, at 402-443-3128. Let him show you how a true professional can make a dramatic difference in how you, or someone close to you, is remembered.